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Prvá Teplárenská

Production and supply of heat and SHW

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About Us

Prvá teplárenská, a. s. was established in 1998. Its main activity includes the production, distribution, supply and sale of heat, power and water.  

Since 2001, it has expanded the scope of its business through the procurement of services related to the use of flats, residential buildings, non-residential premises and accommodation services.

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Prvá teplárenská a. s. produces and distributes heat and SHW through a centralized heat supply system and gas boiler rooms in buildings. It regularly carries out the maintenance and renovation of the distribution system, thereby contributing to the energy efficiency of delivery.

The heating period begins on 1 September and ends on 31 May of the following calendar year. Heat for heating in the heating season begins to be supplied when the outside average air temperature drops below 13°C for two days in a row.

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Management of Flats

Prvá teplárenská, a. s. manages more than 1,000 residential and non-residential premises in Holíč, Bratislava, Záhorská Ves and Veľký Krtíš. Based on a management contract, it provides a number of important activities for residential buildings and non-residential premises.

It allows you to carry out the intentions that the owners have decided on as part of the plan for the reconstruction and modernization of a building, it supervises the payment discipline of the owners and tenants of real estates, and secures the management of bank accounts and complex services in the field of reconstruction and repairs of residential buildings.

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Prvá teplárenská, a.s. is a reliable partner of major buyers and suppliers.


Ing. Eva Krčová
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ing. Andrej Obrtlík
Member of the Board of Directors

Ing. Štefan Vystavel
Member of the Board of Directors

Company management

Ing. Eva Krčová

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We Support

Handing over of the financial contribution from Podporná asociácia EG, O.Z- in company Prvá Teplárenská Inc

7. 12. 2016

Based on donating of sums from 2% tax of employees in year 2015, in company Prvá Teplárenská Inc we collected 420 EUR. The same sum was donated by owners of the company Energy group Inc. Financial aid of 840 EUR could be donated, based on the offer from our employees, to and for improving of situation in family of SUSAN Smaženková, as well as to help in the care of her son Dominik, and to the family Mr Horeš, as a help in care of his two daughters Dominika and Gabriela. We would like to thank to our employees for giving this aid.

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We support

11. 12. 2014

Prvá teplárenská supports various charity, leisure time and sport institutions every year:

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