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Doors open day 2017

12. 7. 2017

The sixth annual set of „Doors open day“ was held on June 16, in company´s Prvá teplárenská a. s. premises. As every year, our employees, resident trustees of our company administration, as well as OBSD Senica and their family members attended this event. It is our pleasure, that their attendance increases every year.

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Reconstructions and repairs in 2017

5. 6. 2017

In 2017 our companywill execute different reconstructions and repairs with aim to provide effectivity of heat distribution and also effective use of heating in buildings. These reconstructions and repairs will belong to one of the biggest

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Flats to rent – Holíč

22. 5. 2017

Our company Prvá Teplárenská offers newly reconstructed flats to rent, location Námestie sv Martina 9 in Holíč, their size 25 – 50 m2. Flats are ready for rent from June 1, 2017

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Obtaining of Professional competence and registering in the list of administrators

8. 3. 2017

By law No 246/2015 administrators were given the task to register in the list of administrators and follow and fulfill the conditions of this law, to be able to exercise activities, the latest till December 31 2017. The law also determines the amount of duties, which the administrator is obliged to fulfill, with the focus on quality of provided service in the field of administration. One of the duties was to obtain Professional competence for employees, which our company has fulfilled now. Next we are preparing the proposal of the registration in the list of administrators

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Annual checking of water meter balance

7. 12. 2016

According to incoming period of checking of water meter´s balance at the end of the year, we have chosen this topic to inform our customers about the importance of these checkings.

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Heating season 2016/2017

26. 9. 2016

The reconstruction works of heat distribution were gradually done in sumer season and facilities are ready for the start of the heating season. In 2016 the WW(Warm water) distribution pipeline was changed on J.Čabelku street and M.Nešpora housing estate. Next we reconstructed HEAT and WW distribution pipeline on Pri Sajbách street, location Bratislava . Rača.

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Handing over of the financial contribution from Podporná asociácia EG, O.Z- in company Prvá Teplárenská Inc

7. 12. 2016

Based on donating of sums from 2% tax of employees in year 2015, in company Prvá Teplárenská Inc we collected 420 EUR. The same sum was donated by owners of the company Energy group Inc. Financial aid of 840 EUR could be donated, based on the offer from our employees, to and for improving of situation in family of SUSAN Smaženková, as well as to help in the care of her son Dominik, and to the family Mr Horeš, as a help in care of his two daughters Dominika and Gabriela. We would like to thank to our employees for giving this aid.

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We support

11. 12. 2014

Prvá teplárenská supports various charity, leisure time and sport institutions every year:

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Handover of financial grant of Supporting Association EG in Prvá teplárenská, Inc. 31 October 2014

30. 10. 2014

Regarding of donating benefits from 2% taxes of employees of company Prvá teplárenská, Inc. for Supporting Association EG, 370,- EUR was collected in this year 2013.The owners of Energy Group, a.s. helped with the same amount of 370,- EUR. The financial aid in the amount of 740, - € was dedicated according to personnel proposal to the family of Mrs.Michaela Krištofová from Holíč for support of health care of handicapped daughter Lívia and to the family of Mrs. Lucia Vitkovičová from Holíč for support in social care for children Samuel and Nicolas,who suffer from autism.

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Handover of financial grant of Supporting Association EG in company Prvá teplárenská, Inc.

6. 12. 2012

Regarding of donating benefits from 2% taxes in 2011 from employees of company Prvá Teplárenská in the amount of 350,- € and with the gift from owners in the amount of 350,- € the whole financial help of 700,- € could be given away, according to a proposal from employees, to two families – Holeš and Fekete from Holíč.

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